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N.P. Tradezone L.L.P. introduced NVR oil and NavDimra, within just few minutes of inception, it held its brand status as one of the best edible oil and carries the same, undisputed. Over the years, it has emphasized most on the quality of the product which has led to the huge demand in the market. NVR oil and NavDimra have now comfortably found space in the Inidan hearts and kitchens. We understand your expectations and have been working hard to make sure your meals tastes the best.


NVR Mustard and soya oil which is rich in energy and natural taste. NVR Refined soyabean oil and Mustrard oil helps for bringing out the full favours of your food. Perfect oil for baking also.

Nav Dimra

NavDimra Refined Palmolein oil is cheap in price and best in taste. Palmolein oil has come up as a new Refined for people below the poverty line.


NVR Refined Soyabean Oil

NVR Refined Palm OIl

NVR Kacchi Ghani Mustrad oil

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